My Family

My husband Tom

We have been together since January 2010 and eventually married on the 28th May 2016. We have a dog called Max, a cat called The Stig, a tortoise called Turbo and the newest addition to our family, our daughter Jade.

As a couple we enjoy the humorous things in life. We are the complete polar opposite of each other (for example I enjoy cultural things whilst Tom enjoys more ‘manly’ things) but we have the same sense of humour as each other. We pass through life with a giggle and a smile.

My daughter Jade

Born on the 7th February 2017 and already filling my life with love and joy. Each day she does something new and is really showing off her personality.

My various array of animals

Max: He is a Cocker Spaniel cross Golden Retriever. Just turned two years old, loves water and mud, total softy but a pain in my ass.

The Stig: Our first pet and the start of our little family. He approx 10 years old (we rescued him from the RSPCA) and he has such a character.

Turbo: The newest pet to add to our family. He is a Hermanns tortoise and approx 4 years old (I think!).