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Dear god, I hope I haven’t messed this up…

Goooooood evening!

We are having such lovely weather here in the UK ☀️ I have been out enjoying it while it lasts with Jade so haven’t been on here for a bit. But a few things have been happening on here, good and bad…

I have signed up to TSOhost which is a hosting platform which included a years domain. Now here’s the bad bit (for me anyway), I set it up to transfer my domain as it had about 2 months left from WordPress (so a fresh new year ahead). However, no one told me there was a problem and my domain name expired.


After many emails back and forth, TSOhost said that my domain is locked by Wild West Designs? I have never heard of them before and tried to contact them to resolve this, no answer and now I’m left with nothing!

So I decided to re-brand. I have been thinking about it for a while and this was the push that I needed to actually go ahead with it. So here it is. Bespoke Buckley has been re-branded to…

Hampshire Mama!

I’m really hoping I haven’t messed the all up. I know my DA will drop from this and I now have to approach all the brands/pr all over again. Oh well!

Cheers to a new adventure 🥂


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