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M&S Advent Calendar 2017: Christmas Day!

Morning guys and merry Christmas!!

I’m quickly typing this while Jade is still asleep, I’m itching to get her up so she can’t open her presents but I’ll let her sleep (I don’t want a grumpy baby!). So today is the last day in our advent calendar, let’s see what we have:

‘My Favourite Things’ Make Up Bag

Aww this is nice! It’s a nice quality bag with red polka dots and glittery gold writing. It isn’t branded but I’m guessing M&S made it. I’ll see if everything fits that we opened this month…

Yep it all fits! (Ignore my PJs, I took this picture on my lap!). I really like this bag and I’ll keep everything we received in it and keep it on my vanity table. The only thing is I don’t know how much this is worth, in my opinion I would say £3?

Well that’s everything for the M&S advent calendar, let’s see how much it is actually worth:

£255.94!! (Let’s round it up to £256). This calendar is £35 to buy if you spend £35 on home, clothing or cosmetics in M&S so definitely worth the money. There’s loads of new brands for me to try and I’m very happy. I am for sure buying this next year as no doubt I’ll have used everything up by then.


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